The 2020 update of
“The Mystery of Garabandal: Fantasy or Fraud? Ghost or God?”


New interviews with the children of Garabandal visionary Mari-Loli Mazon, and an introduction by her son, Frank Lafleur.

"[The Mystery of Garabandal]...meant a lot to me in answering one of the important questions of my life.”
Frank Lafleur
About the Book

In the summer of 1961, four young girls in the small Spanish village of Garabandal began falling into rigid trances, marching backward up hills, and seemingly levitating inches above the ground.

In The Mystery of Garabandal, author LR Walker recounts the strange happenings that occurred when the four girls reported seeing the Virgin Mary. Their words of warning revealed a picture of a Roman Catholic Church in crisis and an earth-shattering future that would unfold in the girls’ lifetime.

The young women were denounced as demon-possessed or sick. Some believed that the girls had conjured up a fantasy which, fueled by the spotlight and mounting frenzy, gained a frightening life of its own.

Walker’s book includes a conversation with visionary Mari-Loli Mazon before she passed away, as well as new interviews with the visionary’s children.

Did a portal open between worlds on a Spanish mountaintop in that summer of 1961? And if so, who opened the door–an angel of God or an angel of darkness? Or did a young girl’s flight of fancy one summer night spin wildly out of control?

Fantasy or fraud? Ghost or God? Whatever you choose to believe, you won’t soon forget this truly riveting spiritual enigma.


“Trying to explain Garabandal away…requires us to believe that these four children, living in a remote village in 1960s Franco-ruled Spain where the Catholic church was revered, would invent a message from the Virgin Mary which included the unthinkable idea of a Cardinal being on the road to perdition…a startlingly accurate prophecy when virtually nobody else saw it coming.”

Frank Lafleur, son of Garabandal visionary Mari-Loli Mazon


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